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Coffee oases in Central Sapporo: The World Books & Café

  • 2010.09.26

World Books Cafe, SapporoSo this unusually long, hot summer has come to a close at last, and chilly autumn mornings and long, snowy winter evenings that I associate with life in Sapporo, are on their way again, providing the perfect opportunity for a coffee fan like me to find refuge in a one of the many excellent coffee shops that dot the Sapporo landscape. Over the next few weeks I would like to introduce some of my favourite city coffee shops: great places in which to hide from your boss and spend a relaxing hour with friends or a good book…

The first café I’d like to introduce is a relatively new one: The World Books & Café.

Located on the 5th floor of the Ohsawa Building (South 1 West 1), the World Café is, in some ways, still a work in progress.

From its name, you would expect a bookish atmosphere, but World Café goes well beyond the expected, offering a huge collection of books – mostly travel themed. The only drawback (though understandable), is that you can’t take them to your table to look at over a cup of coffee.

The staff is very friendly and service is what you would expect from a city café. The first night I visited I had risotto and seafood pasta with a basil sauce, and the staff at the bar made a Cinzano rosso and dry ginger ale just as I asked, though it wasn’t on the menu. To my thinking, the food was just a little salty, but otherwise it was tasty and there was plenty of it.

A final thing in its favor is space!  Unlike many other coffee shops in which you almost sit on your neighbor’s lap, Word Café offers plenty of room and a nice choice of table size.

So if you’re looking for a quiet place to spend an hour, give The World Books and Café a try…you might even see me there!


Website: http://www.world-spirallife.com/

World Books Cafe, Sapporoめずらしく長かった夏もやっと終わりに近づき、ひんやりする秋の朝と長い間雪が降る冬の夜がこちらに向かっています。私のようなコーヒー好きにとっては、札幌市内にたくさん点在する素敵なカフェに避難することができます。これから数週に渡って、私のお気に入りのカフェを紹介していきたいと思います。

1回目は比較的最近できたばかりの“The World Books & Café”を紹介します。

それどころかWorld Caféには、それを超えた本のコレクションがあります。


Word Caféはゆったりとした空間とテーブルでくつろぐことができます。

もし、静かでゆっくりと過ごせる場所を探しているのなら、The World Books and Caféに行ってみてください。