Wordwise 126 A2854

Look at vs. Watch

  • 2011.03.02

When you look at someone or something you are interested in appearance.
Generally we look at things that are not moving.

For example: Look at these photos, they’re really good.
I went to the art gallery to look at the exhibition of paintings.

Watch is a verb.
When you watch someone or something you are interested in what happens.
Generally we watch things that move or change in some way.

For example: I watch TV every night.

!! Be Careful :
If I say to you “Look at him!” I mean for you to check out his appearance.
But, if I say to you “Watch him!” I mean it as a warning.

Look はあなたにとって、その “見た目・外観” に興味を引かれる人や物を  “見る”  時に使います。


Watch は動詞です。

Watch は、あなたにとって興味深い人や、起こっている何かを “見る” 時に使います。



“Look at him!” と言われたら、それはあなたに彼の外見を見てほしい、という意味です。
“Watch him!” と言われたら、それは「彼に注意して!」という意味になります。