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IELTS勉強法:リスニングの秘訣#5: “リスニングセクションの攻略”

  • 2016.11.01




Preparing for the Listening Section

Understanding spoken English can be difficult at times, particularly when you are in a stressful exam. The IELTS test requires you to understand both general and academic English when spoken by one person and in two-person conversations. This make the Listening section a massive challenge! So, how can you prepare effectively?

First, and most importantly, you should listen to English regularly – everyday if possible! It is a great idea to approach your listening practice in two ways.

First, do some casual listening every day. Try to find something you enjoy listening to for at least 10-15 minutes a day. For example, phone applications allow you to listen to radio stations from all over the world. Listening to an English or Australian radio show can be very entertaining, and it will help you become familiar with these accents. There is such a wide variety of podcasts and websites, such as Youtube, you can enjoy.

Second, you will need to do some focused listening practice a few times every week. Each practice session should be around an hour. During these sessions, you should occasionally practice doing previous IELTS listening tests. This will help you get accustomed to the types of questions you need to answer when you take the test. However, don’t just focus on these tests! You need to practice listening to a variety of authentic material.

Most importantly, you need to practice the skills necessary to become a great listener: predicting, summarizing, note-taking, identify general ideas & specific details, and recognizing “signpost” expressions.

The next IELTS tip will explain these skills in more detail and give you advice on how to improve each one.